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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It is ALIVE! Comics Now! hits the shelves January 23rd!

It's official, COMICS NOW! #1 will be in comic shops on Wednesday, January 23rd. It was a long row to hoe, but it sounds like it will be all worth it. To celebrate, I'm going to post my rough sketch for the comic feature I submitted for issue #1. Here's the original sketch I sent to Bryan Deemer all those weeks ago.

I'll post the finished artwork for issue #1 sometime later this week. I originally submitted another gag idea, but at that time I just finished boxing some of my comics when I was struck with this gag from the clear blue. I'm a big fan of Mouseguard by David Petersen and Exterminators with art by Tony Moore. I thought, "What would happen if both of those worlds collided?" Hopefully, I captured one humorous possibility. The gag I originally submitted will be used in issue #2. Stay tuned!

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